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Leader in the production of Automatic and Semi-automatic coilers, FB Balzanelli can build coilers for winding large and small diameter flexible pipes as well as create packaging and palletizing systems designed to optimize coiling, packaging and warehousing processes for various types of pipes.

Our latest news

TR1000PE revamping

A loyal American customer owned 2 TR1000PE model coilers from the early 2000s. The TR1000PE is a double-head automatic coiler ...
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FB Balzanelli automatic coiler TR2001C

The TR2001C is an automatic double head coiler consisting of two reels side by side suitable for PVC, PE corrugated ...
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FB Balzanelli presents its DR0901M W3

Suitable for coiling PEX-AL-PEX pipes and pre-insulated pipes, this automatic coiler from our Premium Series consist of 2 reel side ...
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