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Leader in the production of Automatic and Semi-automatic coilers, FB Balzanelli can build coilers for winding large and small diameter flexible pipes as well as create packaging and palletizing systems designed to optimize coiling, packaging and warehousing processes for various types of pipes.

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FB Balzanelli presents its FB5200PE

The FB5200PE is the largest automatic coiler ever designed for PE pressure and GAS pipes of big diameters up to ...
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Discover the FB Balzanelli DR0901IR

The FB Balzanelli DR0901I is a double automatic coiler for PE Irrigation and PE Drip Irrigation pipes with 1 or ...
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Testing our DR1201C

The FB Balzanelli DR1201C is a double automatic coiler with 2 reels, 1 or 2 pneumatic strapping units that apply the number ...
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