The highest performance ever combined with top level automation.


Top speed extrusion line, valued products, reducing labour cost or frequent change in production for on demand orders, are some of the reasons why the Excellence Series is the best solution for you! Incorporating all the Balzanelli innovative features available, this is the most complete series in terms of customization, automation, performance and versatility for a smooth integration within your manufacturing facility. The Excellence Series allow to achieve the highest performances and the quickest return on your investment. The main models of the Series are the “TR” machines, to distinguish the hi-tech models, very popular among all FB Balzanelli customers and not. Then the new “XS”. machines, completes the series with the fastest automatic coilers on the market.

Excellence Bobina 1
Excellence Bobina 2
Excellence Bobina 3
Excellence Bobina 4
Excellence Bobina 5
Excellence Bobina 6