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Automatic microduct and multiduct coilers

FB Balzanelli has automatic coiler or semi automatic coiler for microducts and fiber optic bundle ducts studied to solve the specific needs of this type of production.

Always by the side of companies to find solutions for production needs, also the models designed to coil fiber optic microducts can be modulated for every production requirement in terms of speed, automatisms, or adjustments to get a final product that meets the demands of the market and of the customers.

The ducts for installing fiber optics are called microducts. In fact, they are small in size, from 8 to 12 mm. And the medium size, 10 mm, is the one most widely used. The duct is produced at high speeds, from 60 to 250 meters per minute. There are mainly two challenges to resolve in forming the coils:

coiling speed

a good performing machine is necessary in order to effectively follow production rates reaching up to 200-250 meters per minute.

coiling precision

the coil must be perfectly formed so that the spires never overlap each other. This would lead to the duct being crushed and a resulting decrease in internal diameter that prevents the fiber optic from passing through properly.

In order to function properly, the fiber optic must not have excessive deformations and bends along its path as they could cause a loss in signal power that may jeopardize the integrity of the data transmission. Therefore, when building systems there must be the certainty that the duct is thoroughly intact.

FB Balzanelli offers two automatic microduct and multiduct coilers of the Excellence Series for the technical characteristics of the microduct cable extrusion lines.


TR1400PE – Automatic coiler without core

The TR1400PE of the Excellence series lets you coil the microduct without a core. Having an internal core that can be automatically positioned with an arm that takes this core and places it on the reel to then start the coupling and coiling process without operator intervention is optional. This allows the customer to avoid using the drum or cores, with consequent cost savings on maintenance, transport, and the expense of purchasing and maintaining them. A solution that many satisfied customers have adopted.

DRUM1004 – Automatic coiler with drum or core

To meet the demands of end installers who require the presence of a drum or core, DRUM1400 is the perfect solution for automatic coiling of fiber optic ducts. It is a modular machine that can be equipped with one or two reels. It offers the possibility to have automatic or semi-automatic core loading and this can be of all types: wood, plastic or iron. The coiler reaches a speed of 250 meters per minute as it performs all coupling, coiling and cutting phases totally automatically. All phases are fast and precise: coupling, coiling and cutting the duct to the pre-set length.

Drum 2

Semi-automatic coiler for multiducts

Bundle ducts or multiducts can also be used in fiber optic systems, so that multiple fiber cables pass through at the same time. In this case, the ducts are coupled and then covered with a layer of polyethylene. This concerns low speed productions that are always coiled on large reels. For this type of duct, it is possible to choose a semi-automatic coiler made in collaboration with the company Lunardon.

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