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Automatic polyethylene (PE) pipe coilers

For polyethylene (PE) pipes, FB Balzanelli offers automatic and semi-automatic coilers in both Premium and Excellence series. A wide choice of models capable of meeting every request of producers of this type of pipe both in terms of coiling speed and coil size and strapping. A range of proposals that can be customized to the demands of producer customers according to production lines and desired investment budget.

Always at the side of companies in the industry, FB Balzanelli has established itself as a leading company in the field of industrial coilers globally. On the strength of its experience and presence in the industry, it has developed a wealth of knowledge and a research and development department at the disposal of tube manufacturing companies. The result of this path is a variety of dedicated solutions or projects, which also represent excellence in the field of automatic or semiautomatic coiling of polyethylene pipes of all types and fields of application.

PE pipes are widely used in various industrial and infrastructure sectors due to their properties and advantages. Their qualities of resistance to chemical, physical, and environmental agents combined with flexibility and ease of installation have made it one of the most widely used pipes in the water, gas, agriculture, water and liquid conduction, as well as cable and fiber optic protections (micoroduct and multiduct), in sectors such as geothermal, gardening or petroleum logistics.

Polyethylene pipes are produced with single-screw extruders of different thicknesses, then divided into so-called SDR classes, also according to their intended applications. Polyethylene pipes are usually produced in two types PE-LD, low-density polyethylene, and PE-HD, high-density. The latter offers greater chemical and physical resistance and can be used at higher temperatures (up to 100 °C). Today mainly PE 80 or PE 100 pipes are used, which is becoming the most common size.

Due to the flexibility and resistance of polyethylene, they can be perfectly coiled into compact and neat coils, and yet the quality of the coiler to be placed at the end of an extrusion process should not be underestimated.

In PE pipe coiling, the management of three factors is indispensable:

  • precise cutting of the material
  • transition time from one reel to another
  • coiling tension.

FB Balzanelli supplies PE pipe coilers with a cutting device integrated into the coiler’s pipe guide that allows controlled retrieval of the cut pipe and precise engagement on the free reel to begin the coiling process of the new coil.

Due to the very fast movement of the pipe guide between reels, the amount of pipe that is accumulated on the ground is minimal, and this is rewound in a very short time after re-hooking. The pipe guide, distributes the pipe evenly over the reel with a constant coiling tension that does not ruin the PE pipe.

Premium Series for PE Pipes

In the Premium series, the DR0901PE, DR1201PE W4, DR1401PE, and DR2401PE are the most suitable models for PE pipe coiling.

All models can also be equipped with a second strapping unit and be able to make up to 6 straps per coil. Adjustment is done manually for both inner diameter and width, making these automatic coilers ideal for those who have production lines dedicated to the same item for a substantial amount of time and who find the best return on investment in this model.

PE pipe size – Premium Series FB Balzanelli coiler recommended:

Excellence Series for PE Pipes

The Excellence series is always recommended with high-speed extrusion lines and often with on-demand production because they can best optimize the investment/revenue ratio. The Excellence series presents the solutions for excellent coiling of semi-rigid PE pipes where just-in-time deliveries and frequent reel size changes are often required. The fully automatic and programmable adjustments of these models allow fast size and strapping changes. These machines are preferred by companies that produce PE pipe coils in multiple diameters for the complete automation of coiling processes, with various configurations that can be set and recalled in playlist mode.

All models have the option of having one or two strapping units, and a haul-off can be added to reduce or cancel the coiling ovality. This accessory is very suitable for PE pipes because by reducing the coiling tension it is possible to greatly decrease the internal diameter of the reel without causing creases or excessive ovality of the pipe during coiling. More compact coils result in savings in transportation and storage.

The TR0600XS fast series machine has a fixed interchangeable inner diameter of only 100 mm to enable it to produce various coils in lengths between 10 and 100 meters at speeds up to 300 m/min, and without changing the type of packaging as one machine can cover the entire length of the coils.

PE pipe size – Excellence FB Balzanelli series reel recommended:

  • up to OD 32 mm – TR1000PE
  • up to OD 40 mm – TR1400PE in three widths: W4 (400 mm), W6 (600 mm), and W7 (700 mm)
  • up to OD 50 mm – TR1701PE
  • up to OD 63 mm – TR2000PE. Also suitable for double pipe coiling (UNICOIL patent)
  • up to OD 90 mm – TR2500PE. Also suitable for double tube coiling (UNICOIL patent)
  • up to OD 110 mm – TR3060PE
  • up to OD 160 mm – TR3015PE
  • up to OD 250 mm – TR5200PE

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