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Coiling in line and Coiling off line Solutions to respond to clients’ needs

By 04/02/2020November 26th, 2020News

Market demands and customized solutions have always been at the core of FB Balzanelli, largely recognized as a leader in the manufacturing of coiling machines. 

The company has developed technology and know-how for coiling in line as well as coiling off line (recoiling line), providing the clients with a complete and reliable solution in both situations.

Generally, thanks to the variety of models and solutions that FB Balzanelli can offer, we can say that coiling the pipe in line allows a considerable reductions of costs compared to the off line process; to give an idea there are a considerable scraps reduction, a considerable less storage space for pipe and drums as well, an absence of drums maintenance cost. 

But in many cases, like in the Pex pipe production, the recoiling process is required from the pipe process production. 

In this case, FB Balzanelli has the capacity to coil on a drum and subsequently recoil the pipe in short coils or at higher speed. 

The drum material can be iron, plastic or wood with customizable width and diameter of the reel. 

The technology developed for the uncoiling, in some cases together with company Lunardon, allows the easy process of handling and uncoiling of the drum through the dead center or the live center as well; or, thanks to a structure assembled on the same drum, it allows to move easily the coil into the plant production and to be uncoiled from the Rim thanks to an hydraulic tolls system.

At the end of the line, FB Balzanelli offers mainly two type automatic coilers – which have been positively reviewed by the clients: the TR1400PE of the Excellence Series and the F1 1201PE of the Premium Series.

Both models are suitable for Pex pipes with different packing solution: the first is a full automatic coiler with strap packing solution, while the second one is a full automatic coiler with stretch film only packing solution.

Both models guarantee excellent coiling quality, even at high speeds. 

In fact, they achieve a production speed of 250 m/min in long coils production and a speed of 180 m/min for small/medium coils.

The high speed production is allowed without any damage, kinking or damage to the pipe thanks to an automatic and synchronized system of compensation between the uncoiler and the coiler. 

All those solutions, tested in FB Balzanelli and installed with great customer satisfaction, offer the market a solid and long-lasting machine to ensure trouble-free daily operation of the equipment.

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