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Coiling to the market pace

By 03/03/2020November 26th, 2020News

FB Balzanelli latest configuration makes the coiling process even faster

FB Balzanelli, the leader company in the production of automatic coilers for pipe, has recently rolled out a major upgrade for coiling corrugated pipe in PVC of 25-50 meters at a speed of 70 m/ per minute. In its original set-up, the TR0801C, an automatic coiler for corrugated pipes with 6 straps in polyester, was conceived with two reels for coiling (with automatic adjustment of the reel dimension) and one strapping unit. In its upgraded version, indeed, it will be filled out with two reels (still with automatic adjustment) and two strapping units. With this new configuration, the packaging time will be drastically reduced. Further, one of the main features of the advanced model is the coiling internal diameter of 180 mm which will result in a reduction of space and transport costs. Last but not the least, the coiler can be connected with a shrink film station in order to offer “strap and shrink packing” one of the best and more appreciated on the market. The premises are encouraging: the original TR0801C was well received by clients who particularly liked the automatic set up, the compact layout of the machine and the interactive safety protection, that make much more easier the interface with the operator, and finally, of course, the final quality of the bobbin and the great machine reliability even working at so high speed.

With this latest development, FB Balzanelli proves not only its vocation for research but also its ability to detect and keep up with the new market demands.

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