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Corrugated pipe coiler

FB Balzanelli, manufacturer of automatic coilers and semi automatic coilers, has designed three different series of corrugated pipe coiler. The wide range of models in the Smart, Premium and Excellence series are designed to optimally meet the specific needs of manufacturers of corrugated pipes for both production systems and the various sectors in which they will be used: plant engineering, automotive, farming.

An in-depth knowledge of the companies’ needs and experience working side-by-side with manufacturers have led to the design and construction of automatic or semi-automatic coilers that represent the state-of-the-art for corrugated pipe coiler.

Owing to their construction characteristics, corrugated pipes are flexible, lightweight and at the same time flattening-resistant. The surface crests, in fact, allow the overall weight to be lighter than that of a smooth pipe, and increase seal and sturdiness in connection with both external forces and internal pressures. This has made corrugated pipes very popular, especially in plant engineering.

Corrugated pipes are available:


in PVC or polypropylene

with dimensions from 16 mm to 40 mm for electrical systems

in polyamide

with measurements from 12 mm to 110 mm, used above all in the automotive industry and for superior quality industrial machinery (because polyamide is a better material than PVC);

in double-wall,

more resistant with measurements from 40 mm up to 200-250 mm, used in electrical systems underground or in walls;

corrugated for drainage,

widely used in industrial farming, which is made in PVC or PE with small slits so that water can enter and be conveyed into the drain.

All of our coilers are an excellence for the strap binding system. In corrugated pipes, this system effectively replaces the use of film for wrapping the coil. In this way, companies can cut costs and be more sustainable because the film, which is a waste difficult and expensive to manage, is eliminated; furthermore, a smaller internal diameter can be achieved, reducing volume and therefore transport costs.

Corrugated pipes coiler: Smart Series

The Smart Series offers different automatic coiler models in which the operator mechanically adjusts the reels and other parts of the coiler. These are machines perfect for extrusion lines that do not need many size changeovers. In fact, in these extrusion lines, a change in diameter requires the replacement of the corrugator molds, so the line downtime amply exceeds 30 minutes. During this lapse of time, the entire machine can be adjusted and the coiler parameters can be uploaded.

The Smart series is highly appreciated by those companies that dedicate their production lines to a single corrugated pipe model as it is in high demand on the market, such as the 100 meter coils with 25 mm diameter. When extrusion speed is constant, up to 60-70 meters a minute, and without changes in roll diameter or length, the Smart series offers the best production-to-price ratio.

Of the different models, the EC0701C is highly appreciated for corrugated pipes in both polypropylene and PVC with dimensions 16-32 mm and 16-50 mm, and an extrusion speed up to 70 meters per minute. The EC1200C can process double-wall pipes measuring 40 mm to 63 mm. The superior model, EC2000C, is one of the most popular for corrugated pipes with diameters between 40 mm and 200 mm. It is highly appreciated because its manual adjustments are perfectly compatible with the long amount of time necessary for changing over large sizes and so in this type of process, companies find a model with a rapid payback on their investment.

Corrugated pipes coiler: Excellence Series

The Premium Series also has many models suitable for the automatic coiling of corrugated pipes. For double-wall pipes, the most widely adopted models are DR1201C for pipe measurements from 40 mm to 75 mm and DR2001C for measurements from 40 mm to 200 mm. On model DR2001C, a system that automatically inserts the coupler that connects two different rolls during installation has been implemented. This implies that the coil coming out of the coiler can be picked by a robot and placed directly on the pallet ready for the warehouse without any other operator intervention.

Another particularly interesting model of the Premium series is the DR0851C for pipes in PVC, polypropylene, or polyamide with measurements from 16 mm to 32 mm and a length varying from 25 to 100 meters. It is a model fully retrofitted in its mechanical and electric parts and is set up for automation with robots and automatic palletizing systems, in line with the guidelines for Industry 4.0.

Corrugated pipes coiler: Excellence Series

The Excellence Series is the top of the range of FB Balzanelli coilers. They are fully automatic and boast top performance. Without a doubt, the most popular is the TR0801C equipped with one or two strapping units. Versatile and fast in its adjustments and coil and pipe size changeovers, it can form coils from 25 to 100 meters and rapidly modulate itself on the different extrusion speeds up to 70 meters per minute. It is a coiler highly appreciated by companies equipped with few production lines but with a vast product assortment such as to require continuous size and length changes. It offers the possibility to perform instantaneous changeovers without ever interrupting production. Like all models of the Excellence series, this one as well can be matched with an automation system for collecting coils and palletization.

For companies that need to form coils with a smaller internal diameter, the TR1201C model is recommended. It processes pipes from 40 mm to 75 mm in the narrow version and from 40 mm to 110 mm in the wider version. The internal diameter starts from 180 mm and the width can reach 620 mm, with a 1200 mm external diameter, therefore with measurements easy to place on pallets. The next model is the TR2001C, fully automatic in setting parameters using the panel, one or two pneumatic strappers with the possibility of intermediate strapping, and ability to flawlessly distribute the spires to get perfect coils.

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