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DR1512CSR – The single head automatic coiler from our Premium Series

By 19/07/2021September 15th, 2021Products

Ralf RiemenspergerArea Sales Manager at FB Balzanelli

The DR1512CSR automatic coiler is suitable for all kind of corrugated pipes for cable protection as well as ventilation use starting from an OD pipe of 40mm up to 200mm.

Particularly, this coiler allows to obtain larger coils widths with smaller (than usual) outer diameters to fit the Lorries or Containers, yet optimizing the transport costs.

The single-head frame is designed to allow the extra reel width up to 1200 mm.

The coils optimal sizes are achieved, thanks to the adjustments available, repeatable, and storable into a number of recipes. The reel ID can be easily adjusted on each arm by a worm screw, while the width is centralized and adjusted from the reel centre.

We recently tested a DR1512C SR for PA pipes application and the customer’s target was to get more pipe in cardboard boxes as before due to better and more compact coiling.

Pipe was manually coiled and strapped with rope by the customer and see here some pictures of how the coils were delivered to FB Balzanelli.



Thanks to special pipe guide and a two axis pipe guide control, FB Balzanelli was able to fulfil completely customer request and see here the result.



If you produce ventilation pipes round and oval or exhaust gas pipes in coils or even on cardboard cores this unit can be a solution for your needs.


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