Drum Coilers

FB Balzanelli SPA realize and personalize all drum coilers from 40 up to 160 mm and above. The drum coilers can be realized with fixed frame or adjustable frame to work with different drums width and OD.

FB is able now to offer to the market also an automatic coiler for drum with strapping unit integrated in order to allow at least intermediate straps.

The loading of the drums can be done by the backside of the coiler rolling in the drum or with a forklift, from the top of the coiler using a crane, or even, with mobile frame integrated, with the drum and making transmission by the rim .

The drums coilers are perfect for big diameters pipe coiling on drums (wood or steel) or to be used in line for coiling and then for uncoiling in a recoiling line at high speed.

DRUM Recoiling
Drum 2