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FB Balzanelli introduces the latest development in large diameter coiling

By 07/01/2020April 27th, 2020News, Products

Over the past few years, FB Balzanelli has committed itself in the making of improvements and developing innovative processes and new technologies to suit the diverse range of customers’ needs.

This search has resulted in a wide portfolio of high quality and reliable machines encompassing full automatic coilers up to 90 mm double reel and single reel coilers up to 250 mm. 

After having developed the models FB ML7 4012 and FB ML7 4024 – in partnership with Lunardon S.r.l – for coiling smooth PE pipes up to 180 mm of diameter, FB Balzanelli has developed the FB5200PE for coiling polyethylene pipes up to 250 mm. 

Now FB Balzanelli is glad to introduce in its catalogue three additional models: MSR3065PE for coiling pipes up to 110 mm, MSR3015PE for pipes up to 125 mm and MSR3515PE for pipes up to 160 mm.

All the models share a distinctive set of features: they are all single reel with the outer cut of the pipe and able to clamp the pipe automatically or manually, depending on customer preference. 

All the models are available with 1 or 2 strapping units and can execute automatic intermediate, final or double final straps upon the selection of the operator. 

At the end of the strap operation, the coilers can eject the coil automatically or semi automatically, depending on the customer preference or company layout. 

Another important key feature the three models do share consists of their modularity: the client can add additional components and customize the machine in time and in subsequent passages; like adding in a second time the strapping units or the haul off to reduce the pipe ovality during the coiling (Round Pipe Technology). 

The models are able to assure high speed coiling and packing, which will positively impact on productivity. 

These coilers are a strategic choice for the company who as such is able to respond to the requests of the market for large diameter pipes coiled in short as well in big length through a flexible and versatile operation that assures proper coiling for consistent coil dimensions.

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