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FB Balzanelli strengthen its fleet of automatic coilers for large pipe sizes

By 17/06/2021News

Angelo PaganizzaArea Sales Manager at FB Balzanelli

Year by Year it has grown a demand, from the pipe manufacturing Companies to obtain coils out of large PE pipes sizes such as 90 up to 180mm, most commonly, and in some cases, also up to 250mm.
The reason for this growing demand comes from two aspects: simplification and reduction of piping installation times.
Installation is eased by starting from a coil, rather than many sections of pipes to be welded together using fittings.

While the time required for the installation of many sections of pipe must consider, in addition to laying the pipe, also the positioning of the fittings and their welding, with a variable frequency depending on the number of sections to be connected.
While, the longer is the piping disposed from a coil the less are the fitting, the less are the chances of leaking.
Last but not least, the time needed for installation on site reduces as well as all associated costs.

Since a few years FB Balzanelli designed and manufactured up to date coilers, suitable for the most common dimensions of PE pipes from 90 to 180mm.
While developing the new series, particularly the TR3510PE and TR3515PE coilers, many innovative features were integrated either to make the equipment more automated and safer to operate.
The design of a versatile machine concept, allow many configurations of the coiler and it can be easily mirrored, when needed.

The coilers can be up-graded in steps and, the following, are the two main features:


Round Pipe System, features one haul-off on board that reduces the ovalization of the pipe yet optimizes the coiling process.

Automatic Strapping systems with one or two Strapping heads increases the performance of the coiler making the machine safer to operate.

The first Technology was developed from the experience made on the Excellence Series automatic coilers, adding functions necessary to obtain compact dimensions while respecting the residual ovality values of the pipes.

Further benefits are brought before and during coiling such as:

  • pipe control during the securing to the reel
  • while coiling the ovalization is better controlled
  • in some cases, it is possible to reduce the reel ID diameter to obtain more compact coils, therefore optimized for transports

The strapping heads are designed and built by FB Balzanelli:

  • the strapping is performed automatically on large coils
  • given the size of the coil, it must be done safely by the machine itself without operator intervention
  • safer and faster strapping allows to reduce the coiling stop time
  • where necessary the strapping time can be reduced adding a second strapping head
  • with one strapping head intermediate strappings are possible (after the number of turns or layers chosen)
  • with a double strapping head, the intermediate strappings are carried out quicker, the amount of pipe on the floor is reduced to the minimum and, however, it is immediately recovered
  • the strapped coil is ready for ejection.

In the end the distinctive elements of these Excellence Series coilers for large PE pipes are:

  • increased effectiveness in the production of coils by integrating Round Pipe System = reduction, where possible, of the coils ID dimensions in favour of transport and installation
  • increased efficiency and safety by integrating one or two strapping heads = intermediate and final bindings performed safely and quickly.
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