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FB CNC, which specialized in machining processes, guarantees a high-quality level of its products thanks to its numerically controlled work centers. The ability to carry out small and large precision machining operations and the short delivery times are the strengths of this young company that serves a wide range of sectors.

About FB CNC

Created in 2011 from the need to directly produce components for the semi-automatic and automatic coilers of FB Balzanelli, in just a few years FB CNC has become the high-quality standard to meet new engineering project needs.

The numerically controlled work centers are the ultimate technology to ensure an increase in quality and efficiency, as well as growth in other areas.


Precision Machining

Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained over the years in precision machining, FB CNC can offer optimum quality, product customization, and production speed, and this has become one of the production strengths of FB Balzanelli.


Structural Welding

Thanks to a high specialization in structural welding, FB CNC manufactures all the structures and support bases for FB Balzanelli machines, guaranteeing robust and solid systems.


Structural Milling

The CNC division of FB Balzanelli Spa was founded to supply FB all-welded and milled frames. Thanks to its continuous growth, CNC is now able to provide cutting internally to sheets from 0.8 mm up to 40 mm.

This service allows FB to have the highest quality and technology components and keep a continuous technical development of frames.

Nowadays, the CNC department has reached a high level of quality and flexibility and can also operate in different fields such as nautical, oil & gas, and agriculture.

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