Specialized in machining processes FB CNC, thanks to its numerical control work centres, guarantees a high level of quality in its products. The capacity to perform small- and large-scale precision machining, together with fast delivery times, represent the strong points of this young company serving a wide variety of sectors.

About CNC

Founded in 2011 due to the need to directly produce components designed for FB Balzanelli’s semi-automatic and automatic coilers, in the space of just a few short years FB CNC has grown into a young and dynamic firm which can meet new project engineering needs.

At its headquarters in San Ippolito, the numerical control work centers will soon be supported by new generation machinery designed to ensure an increase in quality and efficiency as well as growth into other sectors.


Precision Machining

Thanks to its experience and understanding of precision machining acquired over the years, FB CNC is able to provide optimum quality, product customization and speed in production, thus becoming one of FB Balzanelli’s production strong points.


Structural Metalwork

Thanks to a department which is highly specialized in structural metalwork, FB CNC creates all the structures and support bases for FB Balzanelli machinery, guaranteeing sturdy and solid systems.


Structural Milling

The FB Balzanelli Spa CNC Dept was born to supply to FB all its frames welded, milled, and painted. Thank to the continuous growing, today CNC is able to supply sheet cutting, sheet bending, sheet welding, milling and painting.
With this service, FB can control the best quality and technology for its parts and continue a technical developing of it frames.

Nowadays CNC dept has achieved a great level of quality and flexibility and its able to work even in different fields like nautical, oil&gas and agriculture.