FB Ingenia operates in the mechanical engineering sector offering innovative and reliable solutions.

Our cornerstone is the support we give to our customers every step of the way, not only during the project engineering stage but also and above all before and during installation of the machinery within the production cycle.

About FB Ingenia

FB Ingenia is the centre where ideas for new projects are born and where existing projects are industrialized while always maintaining a high level of innovation. The growing competitiveness of the market means we need to create increasingly more efficient projects which always guarantee quality, safety and reliability.

Equipped with the most modern design tools, FB Ingenia meets the needs of its customers in the creation of all its products, also thanks to feasibility studies which, by means of technical analysis, are able to transform the customers needs into a concrete investment proposal.

FB Ingenia is innovation and reliability.


Automatic Coilers

The many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the pipe sector acquired over the years by FB Ingenia’s expert technicians make it possible to offer innovative and reliable solutions which can respond quickly to the new dynamics of the market and satisfy the most varied demands of customers.

FB Balzanelli - Ingenia 3

Auxiliary Machines

As well as pipe coilers, FB Ingenia studies and designs a series of complementary products, such as palletization systems, pipe cutters, labellers, cappers, etc..