FB Service focuses constantly on the client in order to guarantee immediate and constant assistance for any automatic machine. From software design to remote assistance, FB Service represents a young enterprise with consolidated experience in the world of automation.

About FB Service

A team of expert technicians and programmers work together to give the client constant assistance, guaranteeing both a practical and satisfactory channel of communication with FB Service and an increasingly more efficient assistance service created to meet any production needs.

The need to guarantee constant technical support has led to the creation of a direct line between the Client and FB Service via the new assistance portal. Login and password access means software problems and modifications can be dealt with in real time thus reducing downtime and costs.

The immediate availability of spare parts which makes assistance for clients smooth and fast together with the training programs offered during machine commissioning to ensure correct use are the cornerstones of FB Service, a company whose sole aim is to guarantee better service for the client.

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FB Service provides customers with a team of highly specialized technicians who can take requests for assistance 24/7, responding to them as quickly as possible.

FB Service - TecnicoPC
FB Service - Pilot


Upon request, an in-situ installation service can be provided as well as customized personnel training, all based on the individual needs of the customer.

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