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Automatic coiler for gardening pipes

For the packaging of garden pipe FB Balzanelli offers a fully automatic coiler model. A machine capable of fully meeting the specific requirements of irrigation roll manufacturers. Intended for DIY stores and home gardening, garden pipes for residential use require extremely specific coiling characteristics. In fact, in contrast to coils intended for professional installers, the DIY market needs rolls of shorter lengths but in large quantities. The product then needs to present itself with dedicated packaging and an absence of visual defects. Excellence series coilers have all the required features, such as speed of coiling or automatisms in switching between different sizes and lengths of coils, which are among the main demands of contractors in contract manufacturing.

Experience in the field of industrial coilers and in-depth knowledge of the demands of different markets are the strengths that make FB Balzanelli a reliable and proactive interlocutor to piping companies. The range of coilers stems from engineering research, design, and development divisions and a customer service ready to support and be always at the side of companies. FB Balzanelli automatic coilers stand out for innovative solutions, excellent performance, and reliability.

Gardening pipe coiling

Pipes used for domestic irrigation, terraces, gardens, or balconies are marketed in stores and malls dedicated to DIY and handcraft. The products come in the form of short lengths of coils ranging from 10 to 30 meters (with intermediate cuts often of 15 or 20 meters). Each coil bears informational labels, such as those for use and assembly, legal compliance information, and, of course, the seller’s brand. Those who produce this type of product, in addition to forming coils in accordance with the customer’s requirements, must take care of the subsequent processing and deliver a complete product, ready to be offered for sale. A coiler dedicated to the production of garden pipe coils must be able to perform these operations in addition to making rolls with neatly arranged coils to make the product appealing to the end consumer.

Gardening pipe is generally made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and may have various layers to make it more durable and flexible, such as a textile mesh reinforcement, or a final polymer finish that is more pleasant and comfortable to the touch.

The quality of the pipe corresponds to the number of layers, which can range from 3 up to 6 layers. For example, knitted pipe, which is the best quality pipe, is made of different materials reaching at least 4 or even 6 layers, a process that makes it especially flexible and durable.

The layers need multiple steps during production. It starts with the actual extrusion of the PVC pipe that forms the innermost layer, then this is collected on prefabricated coils and a series of co-extrusion begins each dedicated to the next steps until the finished product is obtained.

Different processes, such as the application of textile reinforcement by braiding or knitting, or the application of the outer layer, determine the production speed of the pipe, which can range from 20 meters per minute to 80 meters per minute.

During the extrusion of garden hoses, it is essential to employ technical expediency so as not to flatten the section in the many processing steps, and also during coiling, the hose should be kept under pressure so as not to ovalize or crush it.

automatic pipe coiler gardening

Excellence series for garden pipes

For garden pipe manufacturers FB Balzanelli has specifically designed and manufactured the TR600G coiler of the Excellence Series. The Excellence range is perfect for this type of product because it can be put downstream of high-speed extrusion lines. But above all, with its automatisms and accessories it can make high-quality coils and fast changes of types, recalling presets that facilitate on-demand requests and frequent changes of roll size.

The TR600G coiler is equipped with several devices. The puller on board the machine is one of the elements that can guarantee the characteristics required for the wrapping of garden hoses. A pipe guide system and tension control ensure constant and controlled coiling, even at high speed, so the pipe is perfectly distributed and the coils and layers of the coil are kept in place.

The automatic adjustments found throughout the Excellence series are particularly suitable in PVC pipe processing because they allow multiple processing operations to be carried out with the same machine, changing reel sizes quickly. This is done without operator intervention or downtime and by switching to a new production batch that may have the same pipe diameter but a different roll length.

The TR600G coiler, with its advanced, high-performance, and reliable technology offers the best performance on the market for garden pipe coils and minimizes payback time.

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