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Irrigation pipe coiler

Automatic coiler or semi automatic coiler models for irrigation pipes meant to meet the needs of both companies working for the bricolage market (such as do-it-yourself or home gardening stores) and for productions intended for professional areas such as farming, nurseries, and plant engineering, have been designed.


In-depth knowledge of the different types of products and their production, and constant work side-by-side with companies with a design team able to comprehend and resolve the specific requests of the companies, distinguish FB-Balzanelli’s service for coiling irrigation pipes, with automatic or semi-automatic models that can meet the needs of the different types of products requested.

Irrigation pipes, also called dripper pipes, are becoming increasingly popular due to their possibility to rationalize the use of the water resource and to use water only where it is the most needed, i.e. near the roots. Initially adopted in arboreal crops and gardens, their use is consistently expanding also to vineyards and industrial vegetable crops. There are two types of irrigation pipes that differ in shape:


with a diameter varying between 6 and 25 mm. During extrusion, drippers are positioned at a pre-established distance near a small hole on the pipe from where the irrigation water comes out; the dripper function is to reduce water pressure so that a drop, and not a continuous flow of water, comes out. Therefore, it is a highly technical product in terms of both pipe production and drippers, because it has to guarantee the declared irrigation performance over time;

flat or tape

with its flattened and compact shape, it features more softness and flexibility than the round pipes, and this is why it adapts to all land morphologies and ensures even irrigation distribution. In this case, flat drippers consistent with the pipe shape are used.

FB Balzanelli offers Premium and Excellence series irrigation pipe coiler. The Tape 400 model made in collaboration with Lunardon for tape pipes can be perfectly applied to this type of production.

Irrigation pipe coiler: Premium series

The Premium series has two models that perfectly meet the needs of irrigation pipe manufacturers. The automatic coilers DR0901IR and DR1201IR, equipped with one or two strapping units, can be used without a draft because, in this type of product, designed to be laid below ground level, any marks that might be created during coiling do not cause problems in terms of performance. The DR0901IR can also produce coils of different sizes, from the shorter 25 – 50 meters ones to those up to 400 meters. The DR1201IR can bear a greater weight, so it is suitable for coils reaching up to 600 meters, designed for industrial farming irrigation systems.

Irrigation pipe coiler: Excellence series

Manufacturers of irrigation pipes, especially those designed for the bricolage market and small systems, also need to make coils 25-50 meters in length at a very high speed, meaning with a very high changeover rate. In the Excellence series, the fully automatic TR1000IR coiler is highly appreciated because it is extremely fast and is equipped with automatisms for all adjustments and with one or two straps, based on the requirements. This machine makes coils with smaller internal diameters than those designed for industrial use. The draft system is always recommended because the end consumer also requires the product to have greater aesthetic perfection in this type of production.

Coiler... for irrigation tape

The Tape 400 coiler is dedicated to the flat, or tape, pipe. It perfectly meets all requirements necessary for making coils demanded by manufacturers of this type It is a pipe extruded at a speed reaching even 250-300 meters a minute, and requires a cardboard core with coupling and automatic cut. Developed together with Lunardon, this coiler offers the possibility to later wrap the coil with polyethylene stretch film so it can be placed on pallets without strapping.

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