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Palletization system

By 17/11/2021September 20th, 2022Products

Tymur UsuelliSales Department

FB Balzanelli has always been considered by its customers as an innovative, dynamic company with excellent customer service.

A few years ago, the company introduced a new technical product, automatic palletizing.

Thanks to its great experience in handling coils, FB Balzanelli can offer a reliable and efficient system.

In 2021 we delivered another system that until recently was not even possible: the palletization of double-wall corrugated pipes because previously there was a fundamental problem in how to put automatically the coupler on the pipe.

The FB engineering team magnificently solved the problem by introducing a new automatic coiler, the DR2002C, which inserts the coupler without any operator intervention.

Consequently, the coil exits from the coiler with already the coupler on.

We can simply define the DR2002C coiler as a bridge. In the company’s planning, there are already several new models that will make automatic palletization a reality.

After the coiler is installed the following elements:

An anthropomorphic robot that in this particular case will handle several lines, allowing it to recognize different products.

Pallet handling system that includes:

  • empty pallet feeding
  • automatic storage
  • pallet wrapping
  • upper protection covering system
  • automatic exit of the full pallet
  • applying the label with product information.

Thanks to the solution provided by FB Balzanelli, operators avoid stacking heavy coils (a very dangerous task given the maximum weight that can reach even 70 kg) and optimize the maximum loading height of the pallet (thanks to the robot that can safely reach a maximum height of 2.4 meters).

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