DR1512CSR – Premium Series


Automatic single head coiler consisting of one easy adjustable reel with a wider flange size, including pipe length measuring system, cutting, dedicate pipe size tools, automatic strapping and off-loading of the finished coils. Designed to obtain perfect coiling of PVC and PE corrugated pipes as well as Land Drainage or Double Wall Pipes. Particularly this coiler allows to obtain larger coils widths with smaller (than usual) outer diameters to fit the Lorries or Containers, yet optimizing the transport costs. The frame is designed to allow the extra reel width, keeping the coil exit from the rear of the machine in favour of a reduced overall width. The coils optimal sizes, are achieved, thanks to the adjustments available, repeatable and storable into a number of recipes.

The reel ID can be easily adjusted on each arm by a worm screw, while the width is centralized and adjusted from the reel centre. Through the pipe guide integrated system, the pipe is distributed regularly onto the reel. The on-board cutting device allow the pipe cut at the input length. 1 pneumatic strapping heads apply the number of programmed final and intermediate straps, if requested, increasing the overall performances of the coiler.

The software, developed by FB Balzanelli, based on two main PLC and components Siemens brands allow the operator to control the machine through the interactive panel. 

Corrugated pipes

Diameters: 16-50 mm, 16-63 mm, 16-75 mm, 40-110 mm, 40-200 mm.

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