EC1200C – Smart Series


Automatic coiler consisting of 2 reels side by side fully adjustable, dedicated pipe size tools and programming of recipes in order to obtain coils without the operator presence. Suitable for coiling PVC and PE corrugated pipe as well as Land Drainage orDouble Wall pipes. The coils optimal sizes, are achieved, thanks to the adjustments avaiable, repeteable and storeable into a number of recipes.

The reels, as the other parts of the coiler, can be mechanically adjusted by the operator. The pipe end paddles are easily adjustable and the pneumatic coil ejectors are self adjustable. Through the pipe guide integrated system, the pipe is distributed regularly onto the reel thanks to 2 driven axes. The on board cutting device allow the pipe cut to lenght. 1 or 2 pneumatic strapping units applies the number of programmed final and intermediate straps, if requested, increasing the coiler’s overall performance.

The software, developed by FB Balzanelli, based on PLC and components Siemens brands allow the operator to control the coiler through the interactive panel.

Corrugated pipes

Diameters: 16-32 mm, 16-50 mm, 16-63 mm, 16-75 mm.

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