FB5200PE – Excellence Series


The largest automatic coiler ever designed for PE pressure and GAS pipes of big diameters up to 250mm. Thanks to its reel size it can obtain coils of long lengths of larger pipes typically produced in straight lengths of 13m. The coils optimal sizes, areachieved, thanks to the adjustments available, repeatable, and storable into a number of recipes. The coils widths are variable, and the coiler can be limited to 1200mm or 2400mm for a great versatility of usage.

The reel ID can be easily adjusted on each arm by a worm screw through a motor, while the width is centralized adjustable for a quicker reel sizes set up. The pipes are regularly distributed by the guide integrated traversing system designed to coil only one or two pipes paired together. The pipe cutting is performed by the external cut that issues a signal to allow the coiler to recover the pipe faster after cutting. The Round Pipe System consisting of one haul-off on board to help the coiling process and reduce the ovality of the pipe is integrated with the pipe guide. 1 or 2 pneumatic strapping units apply the number ofprogrammed ­final and intermediate straps, if requested.

The software developed by FB Balzanelli, based on two main PLC and components Siemens brands allow the operator to control the machine through the interactive panel.

Smooth PE/PEX/PA pipes

Diameters: 90-250 mm.

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