Automatic wrapping unit suitable for the packaging of PE/PER/PEX-AL/PEX coils.
A conveyor belts system approach the coil near the pneumatic arm which move the coil into the center of the film station. A system of 4 rolls group accost the coil to perfectly center in line with the open ring. The rolls let the coil rotate on himself while the film is applied.

The open ring applies the film in toroidal mode so, when the packing process is finished, the final coil will come out wrapped with the open center.

FB Balzanelli provide, according to coil dimensions, 2 different models: FB1200T W3, FB1200T W6.

Both Machines can be equipped with:

  • a second additional arm which picks the coils during the ejection, reducing the entire packaging time.
  • a wire dispenser which inserts the wire between the coil and the stretch film. The wire eases the stretch film removal operation without using any knife or harmful tools, minimizing the risk of scratching the pipe.