TR0601XS C – Excellence Series


With TR0601XS C it is possible to produce coils varying in length between 10 and 100 metres at high speed, and without changing the type of packing as one machine can cover all coils length. Also, the strap solution reduces the amount of plastic used for packaging compared with other solutions available in the market.

Every solution studied for TR0601XS C is aimed at optimising production, reducing transport costs, and meeting the market’s requirements.

The new TR0601XS C coiler is available in two versions:

  • with 4 straps and an internal diameter of only 100 mm, to reduce the coil dimension and optimize the transport cost.
  • with 6 straps and an internal diameter of 180 mm, that is in any case one of the smallest available in the market and allow an important reduction of the transport cost.

Corrugated pipes

Diameters: 16-32 mm.

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