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For over 25 years, FB Balzanelli automatic and semi-automatic coilers have been synonymous with technology and quality. Today, FB Balzanelli is very popular among pipe manufacturers with its new automatic solutions for packing pipes, not to mention its automatic palletizing systems (which can serve more than one line).

In all these years, FB Balzanelli has never lost sight of its mission: technology, innovation, quality and customer care excellence. Avant-garde and technology constantly evolving for a better return on investment. Constant innovation to offer the perfect technical solution for every specific need in the fields of pipe coiling, packing, and palletizing; quality of all products, customized and guaranteed to the smallest detail. Customer care to ensure correct and reliable operation of the long-life systems.

FB Balzanelli is a modern and dynamic company in constant growth, with a high level of know-how and able to accompany its customers throughout the entire production process, offering them the most suitable solutions for coiling and packing all types of flexible pipes.

In the 1980s, the founder, Vincenzo Balzanelli, was a leader in the production of electrical conduits. Dissatisfied with the lack of automatic coilers offered at that time, he felt the urge to design and build automatic coilers that were really fast, reliable, and guaranteed high-quality packing. Since then, a process of development and growth has been underway at the company’s production facility in Fano (Italy), which over the years has made FB Balzanelli a leader in the automatic and semi-automatic coilers market.

In fact, FB Balzanelli was the first to come up with the idea of an automatic coiler with side-by-side reels, followed by an integration of a fully pneumatic strapping unit, and was also the first to introduce a special haul-off device to reduce pipe ovalization, all improved by the incorporation of exclusive software.

Our History

Over the years, FB Balzanelli has conquered all the markets where it has offered its automatic coilers and its own pipe packing systems. For this reason, we can easily say that FB Balzanelli knows and understands only too well what pipe manufacturers of all kinds really need: needs that translate into productivity, payback, efficiency, and quality.

FB Balzanelli - the Company 1
FB Balzanelli - The Company 2

Today, FB Balzanelli, under the leadership of Alessandro Balzanelli, has become a reference company in the field of automatic pipe coiling and palletization, always maintaining, or rather improving its quality standards.

Today FB Balzanelli shows that it is always attentive to the new needs of the market and always tries to find innovative solutions for its customers, thanks to the continuous research to increase the performance level and reliability of all its coilers and palletizers.

Technology, innovation, quality, and customer care excellence are the secrets of the success of FB Balzanelli’s automatic coilers and systems, the strengths that have led the market to recognize Balzanelli as the undisputed leader.

FB Balzanelli - The Company 3
FB Balzanelli - The Company 4

FB Balzanelli automatic coilers and packaging systems around the world


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