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TR1000PE revamping

By 24/09/2021News

Simone VitaliService Department

A loyal American customer owned 2 TR1000PE model coilers from the early 2000s.

The TR1000PE is a double-head automatic coiler from FB Balzanelli Excellence Series suitable to coil PE smooth pipes from 16 o 32 mm of  OD.

Available with 1 or 2 strapping units and both manual or fully automatic adjustments.

Over the years and the constant use of the machines it has become necessary to replace most of the mechanical, electronic and pneumatic components due to the inevitable wear.

After evaluating the option of sending the necessary spare parts and letting the replacement of these be in the hands of the customer, FB Balzanelli proposed the revamping solution.

FB Balzanelli and the customer have thus found an agreement which consists in sending back the coilers to FB Balzanelli plant for a complete restoration.

The interventions:

• The 2 TR1000PE have been completely disassembled

• Mechanical parts are replaced or reprocessed

• All electrical and pneumatic cables and components have been replaced

• The entire structure has been repainted

• The safety protections have been replaced with the newer ones including RGB LEDs

And this is how the TR1000PE looks after the revamping intervention by FB Balzanelli.

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