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Using state-of-the-art technologies for automatic coilers

By 19/11/2019April 27th, 2020News, Products

Technology, innovation quality and a customer-oriented philosophy have been at the core of FB Balzanelli’s mission since the start, turning it into a leading company in the manufacturing of automatic coilers in 25 years.

The company has a strong market penetration offering a broad range of automatic coilers along with semi-automatic types, palletizers, stretch wrappers and other machines for the pipe industry. Its automatic coilers are designed to obtain perfect coils of large and small diameters plastic pipes, such as PE pipes, corrugated pipes, providing customers with highly effective concepts and solutions for the packaging of pipes right after the extrusion processes. FB Balzanelli proposes three coilers series (Excellence, Premium and Smart) with a different level of automation to meet a diversity of needs and budget. Behind the company’s success there is a combination of outstanding corporate know-how, high automation, a high level of customization and a penchant for innovation – all pursued through its in-house divisions (FB Ingenia, FB CNC and FB Service). FB Balzanelli is a partner that responds to the pipe manufactures needs, strives to improve productivity and efficiency while providing cost effective solutions.

Discover what’s new within the coiler’s fleets

The company is proud to bring automation a step further, offering a brand new software, accessible through a new HMI to facilitate users interfacing with all the extensive range of its coiling solutions.

FB Balzanelli has opted for a versatile solution in order to make the same interface suitable for all the different PLC brands. This results in increased straightforward handling by the user who will no longer operate with divergent interfaces, streamlining the procedure and the time of setups. In line with the principle of user-friendly, the screen is mounted on the coilers, which makes viewing parts significantly easier.

Thanks to the RFID technology, every operator can enter into its own individually designed inteface which will display different functions according to the operator’s technical skills, while only the shift supervisor holds the password to see all the settings.

All the recipes and data are saved and can be retrieved for a smooth, continuous production cycle.

From there, the operator can quickly create (by setting the parameters of length and width) or load a set of presets and start the production, already knowing the packaging and the required space allocation.

This translates into having all the information before beginning the manufacturing process and planning the best stocking strategy for cost reduction accordingly.

Moreover, the machine will detect and set alarms on if any abnormalities do occur.

The operator is provided with information on the type of alarm and the root causes of the error and is guided step-by-step towards its resolution.

A new interesting function allows keeping a record of the alarms: recurrent malfunctions can be analyzed by remote users and on-site users to find a definite resolution, curbing breaks and downtimes in the process.

Another key feature is the direct access to tele-service: the newly introduced button on the interface calls, when needed, the FB Service: the company’s customer service where a pool of high-level technicians will provide timely guidance and support through a real-time chat with the Fb service technician.

Finally, the on-board maintenance manual is equipped with tutorials for the prompt performance of recurrent tasks and basic maintenance procedures for optimal performance and long operational life of the equipment.

The combination of all these aspects will bring productivity, quality and process control to the coiling manufacturing to a completely new level.

After all, FB Balzanelli is born to coil!

Advantages at a glance:

– A unique interface even for different PLC brands

– Easy and fast accessible for any operator based on his skills

– Efficiency, Flexibility and versatility

– Manufacturing process flow optimized

– Direct access to FB Service

– Possibility to have tutorial guides for quick learning

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