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Automatic coil wrapper

In some types of products, protection of the coils with polyethylene plastic film is essential. The machine that meets this specific requirement of manufacturers is called a wrapper or shrink wrapper. This is a stand-alone machine that is physically separated from the coiler in the production line and is responsible for wrapping the coils.

FB Balzanelli manufactures different types of automatic wrapping machines, each capable of responding to different ways of wrapping the coil and satisfying every market requirement. Our knowledge of the industry has enabled us to optimize this step of the process to the best. Our wrapping machines are designed to fit within any production process adapting to the speed of the coilers, respecting the prefixed processing schedule, and having additional features at the customer’s request.

The machine is fully automated, so it recognizes the coil and wraps it with a preset package for that type without any operator intervention. In this way, the wrapping machine can be put downstream of multiple wrappers and receive, via roller belts, the coils that will be wrapped with the correct number of film turns and then go directly to warehouse and logistics operations.

Immediately after the film is cut, a series of optional operations such as label application can be included. In this way, the coil ejected from the wrapping machine is already ready to be palletized without an additional process that would require time and manpower.

When an automatic wrapping machine is needed.

There are numerous instances in which it is necessary for the coil to be protected or packaged with a plastic film.

Many products destined for mass distribution may need dedicated packaging that makes the product more appealing to the end customer and features labels, whether related to the manufacturer’s brand or product information (use, material, length, etc.).

Coils intended for construction sites have other specific needs such as protecting electrical pipes for example from intrusion of debris or dust. Especially in the case of plumbing systems, it is essential to keep the inside of the pipes clean, so protection with a toroidally arranged polyethylene film is the best choice for obtaining workmanlike installations.

Balzanelli FB automatic wrapping machines:

  • recognize coils and automatically apply different types of packaging
  • can operate simultaneously with multiple types of coilers or on multiple lines
  • perform optional packaging processing such as label application

FB Balzanelli’s engineering design department offers customized line layouts designed to the requirements of client companies. We study and design the routes of the conveyors according to the needs of space, goods handling, timing, and type of goods. The lines are of course always equipped with legal protections because, as for the coilers, all our production avails of CE recognition.

Shrink wrapper with heat shrink film

A machine for automatic wrapping of pipe coils with a heat-shrinkable film.

Conveyor belts carry the already strapped coil which is wrapped with heat shrink film while two heating blowers finish the process of shrinking the film onto the product.

At the end, the pipe coil comes up wrapped with the protective film, with the center open and the product clearly visible.

Discover FDL 800.

Radial Coil Wrapper

The machine is set up to pack with stretch film tube coils always with a product recognition process and fully automatic processing.

At the end of the wrapping process, the coil will have the entire surface wrapped by the film and with the center closed. It is also possible to request a version of the machine so that the center is left open.

FB Balzanelli provides, depending on the coil size, 3 different models:

Toroidal Coil Wrapper

Automatic coiling unit suitable for wrapping coils of cross-linked polyethylene or multilayer (PE/PER/PEX-AL/PEX) even with foam covering.
The result is to obtain a coil with the spiral accurately wrapped by the film and with the center open.

The toroidal wrapping machine can be completed with:

  • an additional arm that picks up the coils during ejection, reducing the entire packaging time
  • a patented system for easy coil opening without having to use scissors or cutters to cut through the cover film with the risk of damaging the tube.

FB Balzanelli provides, depending on the coil size, 2 different models:

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