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Wrapping packaging for corrugated pipes

By 28/10/2021November 24th, 2021Products

Tymur UsuelliSales department

FB Balzanelli has always offered to own and potential customers the largest number of types of packaging.
We’ve always been supporters of strap plus film packaging type, considering actual situation and how evolve the program “Clean Ocean” we understand that our solution is the most affordable.
In case stretch film will be banned as additional packaging, our clients however will be able to continue to produce.
Additionally, our coiler can also use PET straps that is normally 100% from recycled bottles.

Regarding packaging for corrugated pipes, more and more frequently we receive the request for strap + radial packaging with closed center.
So we decided to make a dedicated machine.

Advantages of this packaging compared to open center:

  • External protection from dust, stones, leaves
  • Coils can be stored outside
  • Lower risk of water infiltration.
  • Less film for coil, between 10-15%
  • Finally, the dedicated machine is more economical and offers higher performances compared to the universal one.
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